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Below you'll find all my Portuguese courses, from my Pronunciation Program to my Intermediate Level courses! Scroll down to see what students who are enrolled in the courses have to say!

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Perfect Portuguese Pronunciation Program

Perfect Portuguese Pronunciation Program

Master the Portuguese pronunciation and learn how to speak European Portuguese like a native speaker!

European Portuguese B1 Course | Intermediate

European Portuguese B1 Course | Intermediate

Build strong foundations and overcome the intermediate plateau!

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Délcio Câmara
Délcio Câmara
Canada 🇨🇦

Learning the rule in the stressing of the syllables really opened my eyes to figuring out how to properly pronounce words correctly in Portuguese. I have always struggled with putting emphasis in the wrong part of the word, and the first lesson in this course already helped me improve my spelling with proper accent use!

It's awesome to finally have a place to learn proper European Portuguese and be able to connect to my ancestral mother tongue. Thank you, Leo!

Katherine H
Katherine H
United States 🇺🇸

I just completed the Perfect Portuguese Pronunciation Program for the first time and I couldn’t be happier! Thank you Leo for creating this course and for your passion in sharing your language and culture with the world!

The course is very well structured, and Leo pays attention to detail, while still keeping each lesson short and clear. The videos are high quality, and I love that they're short and broken into the different sounds and letters, so that we can come back to our specific weaknesses. I took some notes of my own and will be reviewing the videos several times until the Portuguese pronunciation feels natural to me.

I think everybody wanting to learn a language should start with pronunciation. Especially with a language like European Portuguese, where there are so many subtleties and changes in pronunciation. It makes such a big difference!

Cristina Moreno
Cristina Moreno
Spain 🇪🇸

The Pronunciation Program is really good, it helped me tremendously in improving my pronunciation and understanding a lot of aspects of Portuguese phonetics that are different from Spanish.

It is a course that I follow again and again because each time I learn something new!

Russel Schickerling
Russel Schickerling
South Africa 🇿🇦

I started the Pronunciation Program quite recently and I have already found it immensely helpful in fine-tuning my pronunciation. My pronunciation training has always consisted solely of repeating words and phrases from Portuguese content, and while this method has been effective, Leo's course has made me realize that I’ve been missing some of the finer points and nuances in Portuguese pronunciation.

The lessons are engaging, clear and concise, and due to the way that the content is broken up, it’s very easy to access any section for review. This course has become an essential part of my Portuguese toolkit and if I didn’t own it already it would have been on my Christmas list. My only regret is that I didn't start sooner!

Hajo K
Hajo K
Germany 🇩🇪

Leo's Portuguese Pronunciation Program is outstanding!

I am an engineer and I "need" some structure. Portuguese pronunciation, however, appears to be sometimes quite confusing. Leo’s Pronunciation Program provides the structure that I was looking for and assures comprehensive understanding. The learning units are very clear and easy to understand, and it’s fun to work through the program!

For those who strive for good Portuguese pronunciation, Leo’s program is a must-have! It's worth every cent.

Mauro Franceschini
Mauro Franceschini
Italy 🇮🇹

Leo's Pronunciation Program is very detailed and comprehensive, while at the same time remaining easy to navigate and intuitive. The sound recognition exercises helped me to improve my listening comprehension, and the repetition drills were very useful and efective in nailing down the correct pronunciation.

Whenever I revisit the course, I feel like I always learn something new and I always find the answers to my questions. I recommend it to anyone who loves the Portuguese language and that wants to feel a bit more Portuguese, a bit more "tuga".