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Frequently Asked Questions

When will your Perfect Portuguese Pronunciation Program be available?

The course IS NOW AVAILABLE and will remain so until Monday, October 2nd. Click here to enroll!

Do you offer private or group lessons? How can I book a lesson with you?

I'll start offering group lessons in the near future. Sign up for my newsletter to be the first to know when those are available. You can sign up in the form below in the footer!

What is included in your newsletter?

My newsletter goes out in the first week of every month and it includes a summary of the most interesting and most important events that happened in Portugal in the previous month; a summary of what happened with Portuguese With Leo in the previous month; and a section dedicated to the Portuguese language, where I either talk about a fun language fact or answer a recurring question.

You can sign up in the form below in the footer!

Do you offer guided tours in Lisbon? How can I book a tour with you?

Yes, I do offer guided tours in Lisbon! If you want to do a private walking tour with me, you can book it here!

If, on the other hand, you’d like to do an Eating Europe food tour like the ones I featured in a few of my videos and have me as the guide, then send an email to katrina@eatingeurope.com explaining that you'd like to join one of Leonardo’s tours.