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Olá! My name is Leonardo and I’m the creator of Portuguese With Leo

My name is Leonardo Coelho and I was born and raised in Lisbon, Portugal. Life has taken me on many different paths over the years, but it was my passion for language learning that led me here. Here’s my story...


Formative years

I had a happy upbringing and followed a very typical career path which saw me graduate Med School. During my college years I had the chance to live in Italy and Germany, which helped me develop a passion for languages and an openness to other cultures.

Becoming a doctor and then quitting

After getting my degree, I worked as a doctor for almost a year before realizing that it wasn't the lifestyle that I wanted. I decided to dedicate myself to languages and started working as a freelance translator, which allowed me to travel through Southeast Asia and South America for over half a year while working from my laptop.


Being a tour guide in Lisbon until

Back in Lisbon, I started working as a tour guide while continuing my side gig as a freelance translator, but when the pandemic hit and the tourism industry came to a grinding halt, I suddenly found myself with a lot of time on my hands and a need to reinvent myself.

The birth of Portuguese With Leo

That's when I created Portuguese With Leo. I realized that there was a lack of interesting content for people learning European Portuguese, and that I could fill that gap, all the while sharing my passion for language learning and for Portuguese History and Culture.

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