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FreE resources

The free resources on this page will guide you along your Portuguese learning journey, helping you progress faster in all aspects of the language: grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

Free Ebook

Portuguese Phonetics Guide

This interactive 12-page ebook will be your guide to learning all the sounds in European Portuguese! You'll be able to hear every single vowel and consonant sound, see how they’re represented in the International Phonetic Alphabet, and learn how to spell them with the Portuguese alphabet.

Free Ebook

Portuguese Grammar Guide

This 60-page ebook will be your guide to learning Portuguese grammar! You'll learn how the Portuguese language works in a practical way, following the 80/20 Principle, so that you can apply your grammar knowledge to everyday conversations.

Free Ebook

1000 Most Common Words Guide

This 60-page ebook will be your guide to learning new vocabulary in Portuguese! You'll learn the 1000 most commonly used words in Portuguese, organized by grammatical class and lexical group, with explanations of important grammatical concepts so you know when and how to use these words.