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Portuguese with leo in numbers

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Can you relate to this?

You’d love to speak with a Portuguese accent, but trying to do so feels unnatural to you.

You feel you have unwanted pronunciation habits but you find it difficult to change them.

You often have to repeat yourself to make people understand you.

You feel self conscious about your pronunciation when you speak Portuguese.

If you can relate to any of this and want to improve your Portuguese pronunciation, then you're in the right place!


What they say about the program

Check out what other students who have purchased the course are saying

Learning the rule in the stressing of the syllables really opened my eyes to figuring out how to properly pronounce words correctly in Portuguese. I have always struggled with putting emphasis in the wrong part of the word, and the first lesson in this course already helped me improve my spelling with proper accent use!

It's awesome to finally have a place to learn proper European Portuguese and be able to connect to my ancestral mother tongue. Thank you, Leo!

Délcio Câmara

Délcio Câmara

Canada 🇨🇦

I just completed the Perfect Portuguese Pronunciation Program for the first time and I couldn’t be happier! Thank you Leo for creating this course and for your passion in sharing your language and culture with the world!

The course is very well structured, and Leo pays attention to detail, while still keeping each lesson short and clear. The videos are high quality, and I love that they're short and broken into the different sounds and letters, so that we can come back to our specific weaknesses. I took some notes of my own and will be reviewing the videos several times until the Portuguese pronunciation feels natural to me.

I think everybody wanting to learn a language should start with pronunciation. Especially with a language like European Portuguese, where there are so many subtleties and changes in pronunciation. It makes such a big difference!

Katherine H

Katherine H

United States 🇺🇸

The Pronunciation Program is really good, it helped me tremendously in improving my pronunciation and understanding a lot of aspects of Portuguese phonetics that are different from Spanish.

It is a course that I follow again and again because each time I learn something new!

Cristina Moreno

Cristina Moreno

Spain 🇪🇸

I started the Pronunciation Program quite recently and I have already found it immensely helpful in fine-tuning my pronunciation. My pronunciation training has always consisted solely of repeating words and phrases from Portuguese content, and while this method has been effective, Leo's course has made me realize that I’ve been missing some of the finer points and nuances in Portuguese pronunciation.

The lessons are engaging, clear and concise, and due to the way that the content is broken up, it’s very easy to access any section for review. This course has become an essential part of my Portuguese toolkit and if I didn’t own it already it would have been on my Christmas list. My only regret is that I didn't start sooner!

Russel Schickerling

Russel Schickerling

South Africa 🇿🇦

Leo's Portuguese Pronunciation Program is outstanding!

I am an engineer and I "need" some structure. Portuguese pronunciation, however, appears to be sometimes quite confusing. Leo’s Pronunciation Program provides the structure that I was looking for and assures comprehensive understanding. The learning units are very clear and easy to understand, and it’s fun to work through the program!

For those who strive for good Portuguese pronunciation, Leo’s program is a must-have! It's worth every cent.

Hajo K

Hajo K

Germany 🇩🇪

Leo's Pronunciation Program is very detailed and comprehensive, while at the same time remaining easy to navigate and intuitive. The sound recognition exercises helped me to improve my listening comprehension, and the repetition drills were very useful and efective in nailing down the correct pronunciation.

Whenever I revisit the course, I feel like I always learn something new and I always find the answers to my questions. I recommend it to anyone who loves the Portuguese language and that wants to feel a bit more Portuguese, a bit more "tuga".

Mauro Franceschini

Mauro Franceschini

Italy 🇮🇹


The PERFECT 🇵🇹 portuguese pronunciation program

Master the Portuguese accent and learn how to speak
European Portuguese Like a native speaker!


Understand how phonetics works and master the vast array of sounds in European Portuguese


Over 65 short and actionable video lessons with both Portuguese and English subtitles

60+ Practice exercises

Test your reading, listening, spelling and pronunciation with over 60 exercises as you progress through the course!


There's a PDF summary of everything you learn in each chapter, and a downloadable audio file and PDF transcript for each lesson


Get personalized feedback and advice on your pronunciation on 3 pronunciation coaching sessions with our teacher Lara Rainho
(only available when you purchase the Pronunciation Coaching Plan)


Follow the lessons on your laptop, tablet or smartphone, and download the PDFs and audio files to listen offline


After enrolling, you have lifetime access  to the course, as well as to all future updates and new lessons and exercises



Portuguese Phonetics Explained

You'll learn how to recognize, pronounce and spell every single sound in Portuguese. Consonants, vowels, diphthongs and even those dreaded nasal sounds!

Same Letter, Different Sounds

In Portuguese, some letters can represent more than one sound depending on their position in the word. You'll learn exactly how and when each letter makes each sound!

Identifying Silent Vowels

During speech, we often omit certain unstressed vowels in Portuguese. It may seem arbitrary to the untrained ear, but there's a science to vowel reduction, and you'll learn exactly how it works!

Regional Pronunciation Variations

While this course teaches you Standard European Portuguese, you'll also learn the most common regional pronunciation variations, so that you can better understand people from all over Portugal.

Sound like
A Portuguese

What’s inside the course

Below is an overview of every chapter and lesson in this course,
so that you know exactly what you're getting!


  • Introduction (4:15)
  • Record yourself reading the following text before you start


  • Resources
  • Lessons in audio format + PDF transcripts


  • Frequently Asked Questions

The Portuguese Alphabet

Chapter 1
  • 1.1 - The Portuguese alphabet (1:57)
  • 1.2 - What are stressed and unstressed syllables? (1:53)
  • 1.3 - The International Phonetic Alphabet (1:52)
  • Exercises - Which one is the stressed syllable? (3:39)

The basic vowels

Chapter 2
  • 2.1 - The basic vowels: A E I O U (0:42)
  • 2.2 - The /a/ sound - open A (3:04)
  • 2.3 - The  /ɛ/ sound - open E (1:57)
  • 2.4 - The /i/ sound- I and E (2:33)
  • 2.5 - The /ɔ/ sound - open O (1:53)
  • 2.6 - The /u/ sound - U and muted O (2:53)
  • Exercises - The /a/, /ɛ/, /i/, /ɔ/ and /u/ sounds (6:48)

Sounds made by a single consonant

Chapter 3
  • 3.1 - Sounds made by a single consonant (0:53)
  • 3.2 - The /p/ sound - letter P (2:40)
  • 3.3 - The /b/ sound- letter B (1:04)
  • 3.4 - The /t/ sound - letter T (2:25)
  • 3.5 - The /d/ sound - letter D (2:11)
  • 3.6 - The /f/ sound - letter F (0:57)
  • 3.7 - The /v/ sound - letter V (1:11)
  • 3.8 - The /ɫ/ sound - letter L (2:47)
  • 3.9 - The /m/ sound - letter M (2:07)
  • 3.10 - The /n/ sound - letter N (2:05)
  • 3.11 - The /g/ sound - letter G (2:25)
  • 3.12 - The letter R (part 1) - /ɾ/ sound (2:27)
  • 3.13 - The letter R (part 2) - /ʁ/ or /r/ sound (3:42)
  • 3.14 - The letter R (part 3) - Practice sentences (1:22)
  • Exercises - Recognizing consonants (8:33)
  • Exercises - Pronouncing consonants (7:08)

Closed vowels and diphthongs

Chapter 4
  • 4.1 - Closed vowels (0:34)
  • 4.2 - The /ɐ/ sound - closed A (2:21)
  • 4.3 - The /e/ sound - closed E (2:18)
  • 4.4 - The /ɨ/ sound - muted E (2:39)
  • 4.5 - The /o/ sound - closed O (2:18)
  • 4.6 - The 10 oral diphthongs (2:18)
  • 4.7 - Diphthongs that end in I (3:41)
  • 4.8 - Diphthongs that end in U (3:51)
  • Exercises - The /ɐ/, /e/, /ɨ/ and /o/ sounds (5:41)
  • Exercises - The 10 oral diphthongs (4:58)

Understanding vowels

Chapter 5
  • 5.1 - Understanding vowels (3:26)
  • 5.2 - The letter A - The /a/ and /ɐ/ (4:28)
  • 5.3 - The letter E (part 1) - É and Ê (2:04)
  • 5.4 - The letter E (part 2) - The /ɛ/, /e/, /ɨ/ and /i/ sounds (4:44)
  • 5.5 - The letter O (part 1) - The /ɔ/, /o/ and /u/ sounds (3:02)
  • 5.6 - The letter O (part 2) - open or closed O? (3:59)
  • 5.7 - The letters I and U - accents and semivowels (3:48)
  • 5.8 - Open vowels and the Orthographic Agreement (5:16)
  • Exercises - The letter A (4:09)
  • Exercises - The letters E and I (5:22)
  • Exercises - The letters O and U (4:36)
  • Exercises - Open or closed vowels? (6:34)

Sounds made by more than one consonant

Chapter 6
  • 6.1 - Sounds made by more than one consonant (0:55)
  • 6.2 - The /k/ sound - letters C, Q and K (2:51)
  • 6.3 - The /s/ sound - letters S, C, Ç and X (3:20)
  • 6.4 - The /z/ sound - letters Z, S and X (2:42)
  • 6.5 - The /ʃ/ sound - letters CH, S, X and Z (3:18)
  • 6.6 - The /ʒ/ sound - letters J, G and S (2:49)
  • Exercises - Recognizing sibilant consonants (10:06)
  • Exercises - Pronouncing sibilant consonants (4:18)

Complicated consonants

Chapter 7
  • 7.1 - Complicated consonants (0:49)
  • 7.2 - The letter C - /k/ and /s/ sounds(1:35)
  • 7.3 - The letter Q - /k/ e /kw/ sounds (1:46)
  • 7.4 - The letter S - /s/, /z/, /ʃ/ and /ʒ/ sounds (3:30)
  • 7.5 - The letters G e J - /g/ and /ʒ/ sounds (4:54)
  • 7.6 - The letter X - /ʃ/, /ks/, /s/ and /z/ sounds (3:59)
  • 7.7 - The letter H (part 1) - CH and NH (2:07)
  • 7.8 - The letter H (part 2) - LH (2:38)
  • 7.9 - The foreign letters K, W and Y (1:04)
  • Exercises - Complicated consonants (11:04)

Nasal sounds

Chapter 8
  • 8.1 - How to make nasal sounds (3:10)
  • 8.2 - The 5 nasal vowels (3:27)
  • 8.3 - The nasal diphthongs ÕE and UI (1:40)
  • 8.4 - The nasal diphthong ÃO (1:46)
  • 8.5 - The nasal diphthong ÃE (4:43)
  • Exercises - Vowels and nasal diphthongs (6:38)
  • Exercises - A very nasal text (0:57)

How to speak like a native speaker

Chapter 9
  • 9.1 - The rhythm of European Portuguese (2:26)
  • 9.2 - Disappearing vowels (3:32)
  • 9.3 - Connecting words (3:14)
  • 9.4 - Regional accent variations (6:36)
  • Exercises - A text with connections (1:40)
  • Exercises - Tongue-twisters (4:22)

Congratulations for completing this course

  • Congratulations! (1:37)
  • Read the following text to evaluate your progress

What they say about the program

Check out what other students who have joined the course are saying

No items found.


learn the MECHANICS

The first thing you’ll learn in each lesson is how to correctly position your tongue and mouth to produce each individual sound in the Portuguese language


Often times we have trouble identifying new sounds in a foreign language. You'll learn how to tell similar sounds apart, and recognize each individual sound every time you hear it


You'll learn how to put the different sounds together to form words, stressing the right syllables and omitting the right vowels


Finally, you'll learn how to connect words in a sentence like a native speaker, speaking with the right cadence, stress and intonation


What you will experience

With good pronunciation you'll experience fulfilling interactions with native speakers


Having good pronunciation will make you speak the language more fluently and feel much more confident!

Authentic interactions

You'll break through the language barrier with ease. Say goodbye to getting funny looks at the bakery because you wanted bread but ended up ordering a pau!

Amazing feedback

Wait, you're not Portuguese? How did you learn to speak like that?
I barely notice an accent!
These kinds of reactions will become everyday occurrences!

Feel like a local

Upon hearing your pronunciation, native speakers will want to speak Portuguese to you and will treat you more like a local and less like a foreigner.


Olá, sou o leo!

Olá! My name is Leonardo and I'm your Portuguese language teacher!

Over the years I've helped thousands of students improve their Portuguese through my podcast and YouTube videos, where I share a lot about Portuguese culture while breaking down seemingly complicated language concepts into bite-sized, easy to follow explanations.

Hundreds of students have already benefited from this in-depth pronunciation program, and hopefully you will too!

Is THIS for you?

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who’s learning Portuguese as a foreign language and wants to improve their listening and pronunciation, with the goal to speak as close to a native Portuguese speaker from Portugal as possible.

It’s perfect for you if

You can understand at least 50% of my YouTube videos with subtitles.

You love the sound of the Portuguese language and want to understand how Portuguese phonetics works.

You want to build good pronunciation habits from day 1, and eliminate bad pronunciation habits.

You are willing to put in the work to improve your pronunciation, which is a process that takes time and effort, but really pays off!

It’s not for you if

You’ve never studied Portuguese before (come back after one or two months of studying).

You don’t want to study at home at your own pace.

You are not ready to pay and make an investment in improving your pronunciation.


Finally boost your 🇵🇹 pronunciation

Check out what these students had to say about the course

No items found.


You can choose between 2 course packs

Complete course
Get lifetime access to the full Perfect Portuguese Pronunciation Program
Enroll today - $295
Enroll today - €98 x 3
🔒 Secure 128-bit SSL checkout.
65+ video lessons
60+ pronunciation exercises
Downloadable audio and transcript for every lesson
Downloadable PDF summary of each chapter
Email support by Leo
Lifetime Access to course materials
This package comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee

Join my Pronunciation Program and experience noticeable improvements in your European Portuguese pronunciation. If you're not satisfied within 30 days, I'll refund your money.

Complete course + Coaching plan
Perfect Portuguese Pronunciation Program + 3 one-on-one coaching sessions with Lara
Enroll today - $455
Enroll today - €165 x 3
🔒 Secure 128-bit SSL checkout.
65+ video lessons
60+ pronunciation exercises
Downloadable audio and transcript for every lesson
Downloadable PDF summary of each chapter
Email support by Leo
Lifetime Access to course materials
1 on 1 coaching
Learn more
This package comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee*

Join my Pronunciation Program and experience noticeable improvements in your European Portuguese pronunciation. If you're not satisfied within 30 days, I'll refund your money.

*You won't be refunded for any coaching sessions you have during the 30 days, since the money is used to compensate the teacher.


Have Any questions?

Find the answers to common questions about the Pronunciation Program.

What level of Portuguese do I need for this course?

I believe that you should have at least an A2 level of Portuguese (upper beginner). As a rule, if you can understand at least 50% of what I say in my videos with subtitles, you are ready for this course.

Are the lessons live or pre-recorded?

Every lesson consists of a pre-recorded video with the option of both Portuguese and English subtitles, as well as the full transcript of everything I say. This means that you can watch the lessons whenever you want as many times as you want!

What language are the videos in?

The videos are in Portuguese so that you can be exposed to the language throughout the entire course. But don’t worry! I speak very clearly and at a slow pace, and every lesson has English and Portuguese subtitles available.

Can I study at my own pace?

Absolutely! You have lifetime access to the course content, which means that you can watch the lessons whenever you’d like and as many times as you’d like.

Can I follow this course offline?

You need to be connected to the internet to be able to watch the videos. However, you can download the audio file and PDF transcript of each lesson, so that you can listen to the lessons even if you are offline, kind of like listening to a podcast.

When the course ends, can I still see the lessons?

Yes. You have lifetime access to the course content, as well as to any future updates or extra materials. This means that you can watch the lessons as many times as you’d like and you can keep the course materials forever.

Will this course help me become fluent?

Speaking with proper pronunciation will make you speak with more confidence and fluency. You will also be better understood by native speakers, which will make them want to speak Portuguese with you.

What's the difference between this course and your YouTube videos?

In my YouTube videos I cover a wide range of topics, that can go from Portuguese Culture and History to grammar lessons, and everything in between. This course, on the other hand, is specifically designed to teach you everything there is to know about Portuguese phonetics and spelling, covering all aspects of Portuguese pronunciation in depth.

How does the Pronunciation Coaching Plan work?

You have the option to join the Pronunciation Coaching Plan. This includes 3 one-hour long private sessions with Lara, a Portuguese teacher and lyrical singer who, thanks to her musical background, specializes in phonetics and accent acquisition. You’ll be able to book the sessions with Lara via WhatsApp, and during each session Lara will give you invaluable feedback on your pronunciation, as well as exercises for you to improve your pronunciation on your own at home.

How much does the course cost?

There are 2 packages. The Self-Study Plan and The Pronunciation Coaching Plan. The Self-Study Pack costs $295 and the Pronunciation Coaching Pack costs $445.

Enroll in the pronunciation Program today

30-day money-back guarantee
Enroll today